Cancellation, Return & Refund Policy

Timez Spaces is a membership-based co-working space and community. Both members and non-members may reserve and use some areas of the Timez Spaces.

The following terms apply to space use payments, cancellations and refunds:

    1. Most of our memberships are billed on a month-to-month basis for the various plans we have, except Daily Pass.
    2. A notice of cancellation is required in writing by email to 30 days in advance (for example, if canceling June 1st, written notice must be sent before May 1st).
    3. We will be unable to process any refund if the member chose to terminate the membership before the agreed duration of membership.
    4. Day passes are billed at the time of entry into the Timez Spaces workspace and are non-refundable under any circumstances.
    5. Monthly reservations are charged at the time of booking for the first full month or any prorated dates, and a security deposit (if required). On ending of tenure, security deposit would be refunded.
    1. No refund is available if the reservation is cancelled after the start time.
  • Refund for cancellation shall be equivalent to the amount received in Indian rupees. Refund shall only be made in Indian rupees and through the same payment facility used for at the time of booking like NEFT / RTGS or any other online banking/ electronic funds transfer system approved by reserve bank India (RBI).
  • No cancellation charges are levied by Timez Spaces at this time, but do hold the right to impose charges at any time in future. Even in cases where cancellations are done within the stipulated time, Timez Spaces reserves the right to withhold the booking amount and deny refund if such bookings were made for fraudulent reasons, including, but not restricted to intentions such as intentional blocking of inventory to deny bookings to others, booking without any real purpose of using the space, or for such other reasons as to deny the Timez Spaces from carrying out their business.
  • All refunds shall be processed to the same account it was received from and shall be done within 7 (seven) working days from the date following the date of cancellation of the booking.
  • Refund for cancelled bookings shall be conditional and shall be with recourse available to Timez Spaces in case of any misuse by you.
  • In the event of multiple payments being made against the same transaction, Timez Spaces shall refund the excess payment within 7 (seven) working days of such a mistake being brought to their notice by you and being confirmed by the third party payment gateway provider and the bank.
  • In case of breach of any terms and condition of Timez Spaces Agreement by the User, Timez Spaces shall have right to terminate the members Agreement and /or deny access to Work Space premise by the User. Such termination or denial of access shall automatically result into cancellation by Timez Spaces, refund to the User, if any, shall be at the sole discretion of Timez spaces.
  • In the event when Timez spaces becomes unavailable due to act of God/political unrest/pandemic closed-down by the govt/riots /other causes which are beyond control of Timez Spaces, the member will be charged on pro-rata basis only for the period of actual usage and the remaining period of booking shall be treated as cancelled and the User shall be refunded its available balance in available modes decided by the company for the remaining period.
  • In the event of a cancellation, Timez Spaces will keep the necessary taxes on the advance, which must be paid to the appropriate authorities. The Credit Card/Debit Card costs, as well as any other relevant taxes or levies, will be levied to the User on the amount that is not reimbursed to the User.
  • Timez Spaces will mediate when necessary, and has final say in all disputes. The booking is not officially cancelled until the User receives a cancellation confirmation through E-mail/SMS/Notification from Timez Spaces. In case of confirmation of cancellation is not received by the member, it shall be the duty of member to contact and inform Timez Spaces about the same.

To request a refund please send email to